The Orleans County Chamber of Commerce serves as the unified business voice of Orleans County. It provides the leadership to support and facilitate a thriving business environment. The Chamber believes that such an environment is characterized by the strength and growth of resident businesses, by the quality and stability of their
workforces and by the attractiveness of our market to businesses whose presence would be a positive influence on our community.

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Business Spotlight: Hazy Jade Gift Shop

The Chamber’s new intern recently did a quick interview with the owner of Hazy Jade, Lisa Stratton, to learn more about the business. Take a moment to stop by 50 North Main Street in Albion and see everything this unique boutique has to offer!


Interview/photos by Abby Wells, a senior at Albion Central School District interested in pursuing a career photojournalism.

Why Albion?
Albion is where I live and I like to shop local so I encourage people to come in and shop local too.

How is business?
We do good. We do very well with our furniture and now that everyone knows that we refinish and paint furniture (or we re-purpose furniture. People bring pieces to us all the time.

Do you advertise for your business?
I advertise through the Pennysaver, social media, but word of mouth is the best way to advertise.

How long as Hazy Jade been open?
A little over 3 ½ years. (Lisa is the sole owner with consignments.)

What kind of things do you sell?
Furniture, jewelry, crocheted items, dolls, purses, I probably have 20 vendors in my store who bring their stuff in and I decide if it’s right for the shop. Each vendor is unique and I try to insure that I’m not selling the same things as others because we are all trying to make it.

How did you come up with the name?
Well it came time to open the shop and I didn’t have a name but the paint chip was called Hazy Jade so I added Gift Shop to it.

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Visitors and residents appreciate the  convenient location and the small town charm found in Orleans County.  Orleans County is an attractive location for residents, tourists and business owners alike.  


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