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A Peek Inside Meggie Moo's

A Peek Inside Meggie Moo's

It’s hard to believe Meggie Moo’s is turning 3 this summer.  It’s been so much fun watching children and adults alike marvel at our local ice cream parlor.  We’ve enjoyed sharing special birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers and proms.  Elvis is always here in our 50’s themed parlor.  Elsa has made more appearances at the themed birthday parties, that Jim was beginning to think she was going to stay forever too!

 So much will be going on this summer.  Megan graduates and is off to Germany, Switzerland and Austria for a couple of weeks – then on to college.  We welcomed Kara to our staff.  Our patio will be a great addition.  We started with just 8 ice cream flavors and this year we’ve moved to 24!  We’ve changed a couple of games in the game room – and we are all looking forward to a great summer.  We love Medina.


Kathy @ Meggie Moo's

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Facebook For Your Business

Facebook For Your Business

Facebook when used properly can be a great asset to your business and it’s practically free. What a better way to connect with your customers directly then with an applications they are already using daily.


Facebook allows your customers to get to know your business and feel comfortable with you. Providing updates and engaging content, hooks customers into wanting to learn more about your business and eventually leads to sales. It is quick and easy to use.

Additionally, Facebook offers an advertising options that are extremely simple, yet very precise. You have the ability to share your posts with demographics of your choosing for a relatively low price, with guaranteed views. More importantly it provides feedback and statistics on your ads and posts which you can learn from.

Used with other social media and your website, it will help spread your business and stand out from the crowd.



Tim Elliott

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