IN1: Support for Infrastructure Improvement Projects: The Orleans County Chamber of Commerce supports responsible plans to improve water and sewer lines, streets and highways, communications networks, and other infrastructure. Such investment leads to increased economic development, improved service, and a better quality of life. The Chamber supports continued investigation and implementation of methods to finance these projects with minimum increases in taxes. Whenever possible, these projects should be undertaken in a cooperative effort among all affected jurisdictions.

IN2: Natural Gas Infrastructure for Orleans County: As a result of the potential for increased industrial demand, it is recognized that there is a need for a natural gas infrastructure capable of delivering an adequate supply of natural gas to Orleans County. The Orleans County Chamber of Commerce calls upon state and local governmental entities to work with the Economic Development Agency and NYSEG to create and implement a plan to expedite these improvements.
IN3: Transportation Priorities: To create and support economic growth in Orleans County, specific transportation priorities concerning streets and highways are supported by the Orleans County Chamber of Commerce which include:
1. The extension of the route 531 expressway to the west of Brockport. This improvement is needed to alleviate the frequent congestion on route 31 on the West Side of Monroe County. Not only will that enhance safety in the immediate area, but it will also improve access to and from Orleans County. The long-term goal of the project should be to connect to the 190 in Niagara County.
2. Expediting the much needed construction projects for Medina, Albion, and Holley. The Chamber will work with DOT, contractors, local government, and the businesses in the construction area to maximize access and consumer visits during the projects.
3. The continuing promotion and evaluation of public transportation. A special emphasis should be placed on how it assists employees in traveling to and from work and how it could bring additional consumers to area businesses.
4. Explore the completion of the Lake Ontario State Parkway to the Robert Moses Parkway.
IN4: Support for the Erie Canal as an Asset in Orleans County: The Orleans County Chamber of Commerce believes that the Erie Canal is a vital asset to this area. It’s cultural, historic, recreational, and economic benefits are an integral part of what makes Orleans County a unique and desirable place to work and live. The Chamber supports Canal-based promotion and development community cooperative initiatives that are appropriate for Orleans County, as well as efforts to increase tourism and community awareness and stewardship of the natural, recreational, and heritage resources of the historic Erie Canal Region. We encourage cooperation between the NYS Canal Corporation and our local agriculture community to guarantee that they will not be charged a fee for water usage (siphon fee) with regard to agricultural related purposes. The Chamber also encourages the NYS Canal Corporation to extend the Canal season to support our local fishing and tourism industries.
IN5: Communications Policy: The Orleans County Chamber of Commerce believes that access to modern communications technology is essential to the economic development of Orleans County. Modern communication technology could attract many businesses that have a preference to be located in non-urban areas. It could also give existing businesses one of the tools they need to compete in the world market. The Chamber urges all levels of government to monitor cutting edge communication technology and provide for its availability to all businesses within the county on a timeline competitive with other areas. We also support cooperation between multiple providers or a single provider that would to develop the synergies needed to extend services throughout Orleans County in the most cost-effective manner.

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